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Aaniishnaa? Simon back on the keys coming to you from my class dropping a thought from the top. So check this, as a student in grade 11 at an institute surrounded by nature. It is an unbelievable thought that we have such a advantage to take up on. To break that logic down, think about it for a second, how many people in foreign countries have this type of luxury?. Boom, slap to the face for being a disgrace to human race, no, don’t take that insult literal. Sometimes we all got to really take the time to look at what we really have and appreciate. So with that being said, it is reasonable to say we will respect the opportunities we have and take full charge at the education being laid out for you to grab with ease. In contrast, get it done, don’t complain, respect and have fun. This is school.

Although I am looking forward to all the business competitions coming up. Knowing the competition will be stiff, it don’t phase me in the slightest way because I’m in it to win it. Entrepreneurs have unique characteristics that allow them to have confidence in all challenges. The reason is simple, even if you fail you will still learn something new about yourself and your limitations, even your knowledge on the competition. So regardless of losing it builds structure, only if you allow growth from those loses. So I guess it’s safe to say it’s all you in this universe, you’r decisions are made by you, you are in full control of what you do.

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